Name: Poulami Mukherjee


Designation: DBT- Research Associate

Highest Educational Qualification: MD (Microbiology)




A study on the wound microbiomes of chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers with emphasis on biofilm formation and antibiotic resistance of the colonizing microflora that leads to non healing ulcers. Biofilms are being detected using bright field and fluorescence microscopy directly from tissue sections and in vitro techniques from the cultured microorganisms. The non culturable microorganisms will be identified by Next Generation Sequencing.


Ongoing Project

Diabetic foot ulcer microbiome contribution in biofilm formation, antibiotic resistance and wound healing


Project Co-ordinators

Dr. Souvik Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, BioMedical Genomics Centre, Kolkata

Prof. (Dr.) Satinath Mukherjee, Professor, IPGME&R and SSKM Hospital, Kolkata

Dr. Poulami Mukherjee, DBT-Research Associate, BioMedical Genomics Centre, Kolkata


Diabetes mellitus is a major and rapidly increasing health problem worldwide. Foot disorders, including Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) are a major source of morbidity and a leading cause of hospitalization for persons with diabetes. Targeting microbial populations to promote healing and deter infection-related complications might be a novel treatment option. In this study our major objective is to determine the microbiome profiles in both superficial and chronic DFUs associated with biofilm formation, antibiotic resistance and wound healing and comparison between culturable and non-culturable bacterial populations.


Selected Publications


Haldar J, Mukherjee P, Mukhopadhyay S, Maiti PK. (2015) Isolation of bacteria from diabetic foot ulcers with special reference to anaerobe isolation by simple two steps combustion technique in candle jar. Indian Journal of Medical Research (Accepted for publication)


Maiti PK, Haldar J, Mukherjee P, Dey R. (2013) Anaerobic culture on growth efficient bi-layered culture plate in a modified candle jar using rapid and slow combustion system. Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology, 31173-6